Yard Drainage

Water is the lifeblood of the landscape, but too much or water where it should not be can be a huge problem.  Fredrick Landscaping is extremely knowledgeable in yard drainage Maryland and has many years of experience controlling water and repairing damage from excessive amounts of it.  We will work up a custom proposal for your property to provide you with the best option.

We use a variety of proven techniques to accomplish this including but not limited to the following:  Drainage swales, Dry creek bed, Bio retention ponds, Rain Gardens, French drains, pipe installation, grading and seeding.  If you have an issue or an Idea for a wet area on your property. 

Yard Drainage Maryland – Please call for more information on how to get started!


Yard drainage by Frederick Landscaping Maryland
Yard drainage by Frederick Landscaping Maryland
Water control and drainage on a hillside of Urbana MD residence.

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