Landscaping Services

Landscaping services performed by certified landscaping professions will elevate the appearance of your home or business property like nothing else can. More importantly, quality landscaping also increases your enjoyment of your property by creating more usable space and functionality. In fact, what may have been an eyesore can be converted to a beautiful oasis.

Landscaping is the act of altering the land or existing space to enhance its performance, function, and beauty. We take pride in doing just that with every landscaping project that we do. Whether you are a homeowner looking for one specimen tree or a municipality installing a new park. We have the knowledge and ability to make the most of your space. We will work with you to establish a clear vision and plan for your landscape. Gardens and landscapes are built from the soil up, so it is important to build a good base on which to start. We can provide a soil analysis test and amendments to build your soil up to an optimal level for whatever type of garden or yard that you wish. Once we have established a base we then work with you to select the best plants and or seed for the space. We work with several local and reputable growers and suppliers and only install premium plant material.

What plants do you enjoy in your yard? What color scheme are you going for? How do you like them to be arranged in the soil? Do you want both your front yard and backyard to be done? These are just some of the questions you should be asking yourself when calling us to start your Maryland landscaping dream. 

Landscaping can really tie in a piece of land. It’s all about deciding on the aesthetic you want your property to have. Some homeowners like to keep their yard simple with earth tones so they may use green shrubs or trees. Some homeowners enjoy color so they will add a variety of different flowers. Either idea is great but there are so many other possibilities. 

You also have to consider maintenance. The initial set up is one thing but keeping up with it is another. In order for the landscape masterpiece to stay afloat through the different weather patterns, it’s important to have us on speed dial. It’s recommended for us to come at least once every 2 to 3 weeks to make sure everything stays healthy and looks nice. 

If landscaping is something you’re interested in, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We thrive off of landscaping projects and we want to make your dreams a reality!

Please contact us with any questions.

See our Maryland landscaping and planting project gallery below.

We transformed an overgrown wooded bank into a beautiful backyard vista.


Overgrown wooded bank before landscaping


wooded bank after landscaping

And when it is time to return a piece of land back to “Mother Nature,” we are experts at reforestation.

large field being reforested by Frederick Landscaping

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