Frederick Landscaping has been offering hardscaping services in Maryland and the surrounding areas since opening in 1989. We have continued to train and develop over those years to offer our customers beautiful and lasting hardscapes that will be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. We are fully insured, and our certified crew takes great pride in their craftsmanship and professionalism. We also have invested in the right equipment to perform this work.

We offer the following types of hardscaping in Maryland, pavers (brick and concrete), natural stone (on stone dust or concrete), Segmented interlocking retaining wall systems, Dry laid (very nice!), and mortared natural stone walls and boulder walls.

We will work with you to design the hardscape you have been dreaming of. Or we will provide you with an estimate from your professional design.


Paver Patios

Pavers come in brick and concrete. They create a great patio or a pathway to your house. You can make them into different shapes to fit your vision and create a cohesive design. 


Natural Stone

Using these sorts of stones creates a timeless piece that will look great against your house. Decorate with flowers alongside it and add some of our water features.  



Retaining Walls

Are you looking for some privacy? Or do you want to add flair to your garden? This certain wall system can help you! It’s easy to install and has the support to allow you to do a lot with it. It has a lateral earth pressure so it’s great for stability. 

Dry Laid Stone

Dry laid stones depend on gravity and the perfect placement of stones in a wall form. It’s a simple installation and a common form of wall-building for gardens or yards.



Natural Stone/Boulder Walls

Building walls like this creates a strong bond with a natural look.

Row Home Landscaping in Frederick MD

We transformed the backyard of this row home into a functional outdoor living area using Belgard pavers. We then hand-selected hardy shrubs and plants to add charm to the area.


Row home in need of backyard landscaping


Row home backyard landscaped with Belgard pavers, shrubs and flowers

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